For the brand new show „Zeitsprung“ of the NDR (North German Broadcasting Service’s) we created an entire on-air-design package. The topics of the show are diverse and have been divided into four categories: Culture, Body & Soul, Technology & Mobility and Society.


The opener for the key topic „Kultur" (Culture) thrives on opposites: whereas the surrounding environment feels almost sterile, the varying scenes in the glass bell jar, which have been cut together abruptly, are more playful. We are juggling with contrasts: simplicity to complexity, sobriety to kitsch, perfection to naivety. The surreal space creates a feeling of floating and reminds us, through its look and feel, of an exhibition area as a parallel to art. Objects oscillate, dance, fly, circle, glide, & flutter within the clearly defined space of the bell jar.


The intensity of the colours, materials and the shapes appeals to all our senses. We take ourselves on an emotional, exciting and sensitive journey. Textiles flutter gently in the wind, whilst viscous liquids loose their gravitational pull, thereby embodying topics such as esotericism, love and sexuality.


Different objects made of a large variety of materials (acrylic, wood, glass, rubber, water, paper, crystal and brass) move around through a geometric construction, which the space seems to dissolve. The individual elements shift themselves, roll, jump and interact whilst at the same time everything seems to be floating. Subtle tracking shots calm the scenes, which generate intended puzzlement for the viewer through their complexity.


A mystical inter-play between light, reflections, materials and movements guides us through an undefined space. The contrast between the differing, visible sources of light and the heavy, shiny materials in the surroundings literally builds tension. Darkness, magic and gentle movements dominate the scenes. The viewer is given a sneak peek of the future-experiment.

Collection of Materials

This collection of materials shows a small sample of the objects and materials used, which we discovered during our research, produced ourselves or which we had made. For the opener, these were arranged in the form of a kind of set design. We wanted to create an unseen and initially puzzling composition. The actual existence of the arrangement was intended to be questionable and to seem, in a way, “impossible”. Additionally, within the scenes we defied the laws of physics, designed diffuse and surreal spaces and with the help of reflected light and mirroring, created further perplexities.



Concept & Direction: Florian Stumpe & Melanie Spintig, Set Design & DOP: Florian Stumpe & Melanie Spintig, Production: Florian Stumpe & Melanie Spintig, Client: Norddeutscher Rundfunk, Executive Producer: Yvonne Olberding, Christine Gerberding, Account Executive: Nora Wehrhahn, Projekt Management: Maryam Bonakdar, Dorothee von Winning, Music & Sound Design: Michael Fakesch, Studio: L'Atelier - KSR, Berlin, Germany


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