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Behind the Scenes

The Messe Berlin commissioned us the task of developing a brand film for the leading international trade fair for transport technology, the InnoTrans. Internationally, this fair is considered to be innovative and future oriented, bringing together experts from many different fields of rail technology. And the new image-film was to seize on this thought and use unconventional pictures to tell the story.

Production Process

Although the trade fair is primarily characterized by technical and digital products, the expert-audience’s progressive ideas and ways of thinking was to be in the spotlight. We therefore developed a concept together with our customer, which is characterized by an interplay between real stage sets and human interactions and which makes the image-film stylistically stand out from the masses. These interactions take place in different settings which abstractly depict the five trade fair segments “Railway Technology”, “Interiors”, “Railway Infrastructure”, “Public Transport” and “Tunnel Construction”.

3D Preview



Concept & Direction: Florian Stumpe & Melanie Spintig, Art Direction & Set Design: Florian Stumpe & Melanie Spintig, Production: Florian Stumpe & Melanie Spintig, Björn Hoffmann, Copywriter: Björn Hoffmann, Florian Stumpe & Melanie Spintig, Reader: Madeleine Penny Potganski, Joanne Chapman, Director of Photography: Sebastian Tögel, Laura Schnurre, Storyboard: & 3D Previews: Florian Stumpe & Melanie Spintig, Edit & Post Production: Florian Stumpe & Melanie Spintig, Client: Messe Berlin GmbH, Client Consultant: Björn Hoffmann, Music & Sound Design: Jochen Mader, Voice-Over (german): Sven Philipp (, Voice-Over (english): Nicholas Mockridge (, Studio: Am Lokdepot, Berlin, Germany, Special thanks to Nico Linde, Maria Pantke, Andreas Müller, Tina Braun, Karo Kramer, Leila


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