The EQC is the first car from the Mercedes-Benz’s EQ brand. Through its seamless, precise design and touches of color it is a frontrunner for innovative electro-aesthetics. Using our light installation, we distil this aesthetic into sensuous, emotive images.


We don’t believe in science fiction.

For the EQC’s premiere we designed a glass installation which reflects its characteristics in the form of a piece of art. Through the use of light and projections for producing the installation, we set the object in motion and thereby use it to tell a graphic, emotional story, which touches the viewer and draws them further into the EQC’s world of design. The visuals produced by means of this installation are intended to be shown on media displays at international trade fairs and events, to present the new Mercedes-Benz EQC.


The interplay of a hitherto unknown beauty: the conscious encounter of digital and analog elements.

The installation was based on a geometric, three dimensional grid, which resembles a network of streets in a city and therefore represents the EQC’s environment. The grid acts as an adjustable slot-in system and a base for the glass elements. From the full range of different glass types, shapes and colors which are tailored to the EQC’s world, an infinite number of combinations can be orchestrated. Within the space, the object unfurls its complete impact through the effect of light – the individual glasses cast shadows, reflect and break the light. This interaction is enhanced through the use of colored light sources and by beaming graphical projections onto the object.

Visuals Part 3


Behind the Scenes

The overall look & feel is inspired by the visual metaphor of a "new dawn".

We orchestrate the vehicle and its characteristics, without portraying it literally. In doing so, we work with a very artificial artistic form, pictorial light reflections and a powerful sound level. We can observe electrifying shadow and light performances and sporadically see the object in its entirety. The boundary between materiality, light and projections becomes blurred and an extraordinary visual experience is established – we are moving between the abstract and the tangible. The design is graphic and progressive; the colors range from intense to subdued – drawn from the lighting mood of a rising sun – the look & feel of the EQC’s whole corporate identity.


Concept and Art Direction: Florian Stumpe and Melanie Spintig, Set Design: Florian Stumpe and Melanie Spintig, Sound: Skyence, Production Company: Monomango, Executive Producer: Jan Weber, Producer: Alexander Watson, Cinematographer: Franz Deutschmann, Grip: Otis Witt, Lead Agency: Atelier Markgraph, Creative Producer Agency: Peter Eberhard


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