The idea was to create a kind of kinetic set design around the person based on different themes.


Primavera is the Italian word for spring, so the design of the set should also be inspired by this theme and further take up the sporty character of the person's clothing. For this reason, the idea was to use a typical sport based on its individual components as a design basis and to represent it by precise positioning in the space around the person. For this reason, objects such as the ball, the net and the lawn were artistically reinterpreted and changed in advantage of the aesthetic representation. The movement in space thus creates a kinetic installation and forms an exciting staging of the person or the clothing.


The creative basis for the theme Vernissage is a kind of exhibition scenario, which radially surrounds the person in the middle and stages these elements by means of different art objects and a steady movement. The objects vary both in their general shape and in their size, but still form a uniform design setting around the person. Here, too, the colour of the clothing was taken up to show the set within the room as a unit. The floor was designed with a very valuable and bright marble material and forms a strong contrast to the diffuse brick-red room.

In addition to the green and red tones, white takes on a central role. On the one hand the small white details create further contrast by means of swinging price tags and give the picture more dynamics by further movement and on the other hand the typography plays an essential role within the composition. It holds all the elements of the piece together and creates a connecting element to the other two installations in addition to the round base of the set.


Although the trade fair is primarily characterized by technical and digital products, the expert-audience’s progressive ideas and ways of thinking was to be in the spotlight. We therefore developed a concept together with our customer, which is characterized by an interplay between real stage sets and human interactions and which makes the image-film stylistically stand out from the masses. These interactions take place in different settings which abstractly depict the five trade fair segments “Railway Technology”, “Interiors”, “Railway Infrastructure”, “Public Transport” and “Tunnel Construction”.


Concept and Creative Direction: Florian Stumpe, Vase design: Melanie Spintig, 3D Visualization and Production: Florian Stumpe, Models: Nike, APC, Kenzo

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