Sunst Studio commissioned me to translate their static visual language for Nike into a system of dynamic moving images. This included animated visuals on multitude screens and on a huge interactive LED installation in the center of the space.

Dynamic Design System

Based on the static visual language, I developed a modular motion design system that combines the individual components such as film, graphics and typography within individual clips in animation and can be rearranged in time as needed. In this way, the digital key messages can always be matched to the physical experience in the space.

Home of Running


Visual exploration – moving images

At the beginning of the development process, I tested various animation mechanics to transform the static design into visually exciting motion design. One style element used was the kaleidoscope, which had already been used in the global advertising campaign for marathon runner Eliud Kipchoge. Through movement, rotation and scaling, the static design was given a dynamic look and yet stayed unchanged in colour and form.

Visual exploration – still images


Interactive Experience

To take the athletes even further into the world of Nike Running, they themselves were to become part of the visual experience. Visitors were able to create their own personal work of art on the huge LED wall and floor using photographs of themselves taken on site, freely customisable effects and a range of graphic backgrounds, and also share it online.

Visual modes – detail

Home of Running


Eliud Kipchoge – Have a Beautiful Run

In addition to using all the design elements of the visual identity for this event, it was also important to integrate the film footage with Eliud Kipchoge into the event's on-site presentation in order to create a link to Nike's current global campaign. These film elements were to be integrated into the design system just as seamlessly as all the other components.


Exploration – Motion type system


Client: Nike, Agency: Sunst Studio, Executive Producer: Sebastian Amberger, Creative Director: Tobias Amberger, Producer: Fabian Dassler, Graphic Designer: Lino Santo, Michael Taschinski, Aurelian Hallhuber, Motion Graphics Designer: Florian Stumpe, Creative Concept Interactive: Julia Parchimowicz, Additional Motion Design: Tilius Sodeika, Programming Interactive: Monomango, Campaign Content: Wieden+Kennedy, Photography: Florian Stumpe

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