We were asked to create a short animated Holiday-/Christmas card. For this challenge we developed an abstract journey through a music concert by using the Strata Stencil animation.

Happy Holidays!

The idea behind our approach was „stencil cut animation“ in which each and every frame of a well developed storyboard is a paper cut-out. These cut-outs are linearly arranged. We managed to built a special hanging system to arrange 15 different frames one after another for every picture and transposing it for every photography by one position. Thereby we evolved an illusion of a film proceeding into the depth consisting of hundreds of analog single images.

Concerning the content the film shows several details with regard to the main topic of Sony/ATV, namely music. Concert audiences, guitar players or a flight of microphones were combined with typical Christmas elements and ornaments.

Production Process

Although the trade fair is primarily characterized by technical and digital products, the expert-audience’s progressive ideas and ways of thinking was to be in the spotlight. We therefore developed a concept together with our client, which is characterized by an interplay between real stage sets and human interactions and which makes the brand film stylistically stand out from the masses. These interactions take place in different settings which abstractly depict the five trade fair segments “Railway Technology”, “Interiors”, “Railway Infrastructure”, “Public Transport” and “Tunnel Construction”.



Concept and Direction: Florian Stumpe and Melanie Spintig, Animation: Florian Stumpe and Melanie Spintig, Production: Florian Stumpe and Melanie Spintig, Client: SONY/ATV Music Publishing, In collaboration with: Alexandra Fragstein, Music: Kasper Bjørke with Jacob Bellens ‎– Lose Yourself To Jenny


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