I was asked to develop two design concepts for the RS-X campaign of Puma. Each of the concepts should use vibrant colors as a design basis, whether in static or moving images, in digital or physical media.


Concept 01 - Digital Fragments

The first design concept used the architecture of the space and its geometric perspective as a basis for design. Here, different textures, shapes and perspectives were brought into connection with each other, then deconstructed and in the end again incorrectly constructed together on purpose. This reconstruction resulted in striking graphic fragments that symbolise the variance in form and colour of the RS-X.


Design Explorations


RS-X Flags

In addition to the posters and the digital products, numerous other media were to be designed. For example, flags were to be created in the design for various events. Through the transfer from the digital to the physical medium, the already deconstructed design is again changed in its form and thus creates new and interesting shapes again.

Content Integration


Social Assets - Animation Preview

For social media like Instagram or Facebook and also for use at events, I additionally animated some selected graphics. They should give the client a good feeling for how the design behaves in the moving image and what possibilities it opens up.

Style Frames


Concept 02 - Beaten by Colors

In contrast to the first, very clear and graphic approach, the second design direction was to focus more on the people. Therefore, I decided to let the people themselves generate the design using an AR Face Filter. The mimics of the users and the interaction with the graphics and colours of the face filter created thrilling designs



Mobile Augmented Reality

By using the specially designed AR Face Filter, users could become part of the "RS-X" campaign themselves and share their photos and videos on Instagram. The filter tracks the user's face and adds moving graphics, colours and noise, turning the real image into an "RS-X" work of art.


Online Configurator - Preview

Interactive Product Cards

All designs were created automatically by a programmed tool that used a radial colour scale to create the colours and graphics. In this way, colourful abstract designs could be created through individually controlled parameters.

The product photos of the "RS-X" collection in the centre of the cards serve as a kind of "QR code" and are automatically recognised when interacting with the Multi-Touch Table and expanded by a variety of further information on the table. In this way, the visitor can discover the brand and the product with its features in a playful way.



Audio-Reactive 3D Visuals

To communicate different typographic content in the Puma stores, I designed a lot of style frames. These contents, which end up moving, were to be generated and changed in their form, colour and movement by external sounds from the visitors. In this way, an image is never created twice but is instead subject to continuous change.


Alternative Design Direction




Social Assets - Animation Tests


Client: PUMA SE, My task: Concept, Creative Direction, Design & Animation, Styling & Production Assistent: Aline Hollstein

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