Individuality is much more than just a person, it’s all the stories that go with that person.

The past, present and the future merge with each other in a magical way – reality and fantasy exist in parallel.

We allow the invisible to become visible and show the individuality of a person by means of an impressive composition, whereby the human takes center stage, not just in terms of content but also spatially. Within a real stage set made up of materials such as wood, silk, water and glass, we depict their personal stories, memories, thoughts and desires, using metaphorical objects. We thereby enable the viewer significant room for interpretation and the possibility to personally identify with the production.

Instead of detachment, the viewer experiences a personal closeness. The different levels of reality start to move, images and times shift. The music further underpins the picture and gives it added intensity on an auditory level. The colors lend the film a very sophisticated look and feel and a powerful depth.

Through the combination of colors, shapes and materials, the whole graphical image is seemingly progressive and avant-garde.

The ancient art of painting provides many examples of representations of specific individuals in their environments. The key person is surrounded by objects of some significance to them. We use this in our film and transform it into a modern piece of art. We seize upon Ulrich Beck’s “collaged identities” theory, according to which postmodern individuals are continuously recreating their identities; these having become flexible and constantly subject to renewed self-assessment – thus a collage.

The image appears to be frozen, yet a closer look reveals slow movements in the objects in the room – the star disc is rotating and the curtain is gently blowing in the wind. Surreal and unseen processes surround the person – leaves are not falling to the floor, but are risingin skywards. The family portrait’s contrast is gradually fading, as is therefore its importance – “understanding the world simply through rationality has become impossible.”



Written and Directed: Florian Stumpe and Melanie Spintig, Production & Set Design: Florian Stumpe and Melanie Spintig, Producer: Florian Stumpe and Melanie Spintig, Björn Hoffmann, Actress: Lucie Pentzien, Hair and Make-Up: Yvonne Wengler, Director of Photography: Sebastian Tögel, Key Grip: Christoffer Schulz, Production Assistent: Dominic Heim, Gaffer: Andreas Schwab, Production Assistent: Nico Linde, Maria Pantke, Colorist: Florian Staerk, Music and Sound Design: Jochen Mader, Making-of: Katleen Roggeman, Caroline Marine, Special thanks to: Gian Klainguti, Dennis Guggenheim, Swisspartners, Foundry Berlin

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