For BMW's visionary vehicle, the BMW i Vision Circular, I was commissioned by Aixsponza to develop and direct two short films. The final result were two moving art sculptures that artistically interpret the sustainability of this futuristic vehicle.

BMW Circular – REDUCE

The film for REDUCE focuses on the renunciation of elements such as leather, chrome and decors and the reduction to the essentials of a sustainable vehicle. "I do more with less". A new aesthetic with the claim of a circular economy without sacrificing luxury, modernity and digitality. By using a multitude of vehicle parts as they were previously used, we created a chaotic construct into a hanging art sculpture. By simply opening a knot, a kind of metamorphosis was triggered and the heaviness and complexity gave way to lightness and minimalism.


Sculpture Development

Within the development process, a multitude of different sculptures were created, which, despite using the same components, vary in their shape and colouring and were generated by an automated script. In the end, we had a choice of about 70 different arrangements.

Animation process

BMW Circular – RECYCLE

The film on the topic of RECYCLE explores the return of already used materials and components of the BMW i Vision Circular into the loop in order to reuse them for a new product. Based on this never-ending cycle and the materials of the vehicle, a moving art installation was created consisting of 7 radially arranged elements that continuously change or renew their state within their movement.



Animation process


In order to integrate the vehicle visually within the cycle in parallel with the materials, we positioned several mirrors in the room. These mirrors gave us the possibility to create the impression that the vehicle and the art installation were one by changing the position of the vehicle or the camera.


Client: BMW Group, Creative Direction BMW Group: Antje List, Hannes Ziesler, Agency: Aixsponza GmbH, Creative Direction: Christian Tyroller, Producer: Julian Fischer, Gustaf Richter, Visual Concept & Art Direction: Florian Stumpe, Artists (Reduce): Marcel Dolschon, Lukas Eberle, Artists (Recycle): Dominik Högn, Max Schwugier, Nick Zieroff, Music & Sound design: Michael Fakesch

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