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For the new commercial of Adobe Stock I developed together with Skycar Creative and AD Michael Rigley a plaful and colorful mixed media look. For the surreal worlds I was able to choose from over 55 million photos, illustrations and vector graphics.


Underwater world

A colourful mixture of fish, water plants, islands, divers and many other real and rather surreal objects of the sea determine the image of the underwater world. Different styles of stock footage were simply mixed and a very special and diverse look was created.

Big city / Metropolis

The illustrated collage on the big city shows a surreal skyline in the centre, created from many real skylines from all over the world. In and around the city, an imaginative life rages with superheroes, talking letters, faulty buildings and graphic doodles.



Rocket launch

In the macro view of the fungal forest we can discover familiar and unfamiliar creatures in the grass. Under a mushroom there is a real person and right next to it an illustrated person, small monkeys, a parrot and butterflies. All together they form the scenery for the spectacular rocket launch that will take us to the next scene.



Fungal forest

The centrepiece of the picture of the fungal forest is an oversized, mysterious and luminous sphere. Surrounding this sphere are many different mushrooms, small animals and insects and some residents, which are divided into three islands.



Development process



Client: Adobe, Agency: Skycar Creative, Creative Director: Aaron Barry, Art Director: Michael Rigley, Head of Production: Andy Miller, Producer: Alicia Dovale, Animation: Skycar Creative, Design: Florian Stumpe

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