Direction, design, animation.
I am a reliable and experienced professional from pitch to finish.


Directing is about knowing where to go.
My visions smooth the way to developing award-winning concepts and to leading successful Design- and Animation teams.


Concept Development

Animation Direction

Creative Direction & Art Direction

Branding & Identity Development

Design Strategy


Design goes far beyond decoration.
My goal is the perfect symbiosis of colour, shape and typography to send out an exciting and comprehensible message.


Digital and Experience Design

Style Frames & Illustrations

Broadcast Design/On-Air Design

Arts and Crafts

Experimental Design


Animation is the final breath of life.
The exciting process of making things move requires specialised knowledge of shape, time, space and sound.


Motion Graphics Design

Stop Motion

2D & 3D Animation

Visual Storytelling

Lead Animation




» Florian is a great Designer/Animator and it was fun working with him. He created great style frames in short amount of time for a pitch. He integrated the client's amendments easily into his design. Everything was spot on. Thanks a lot for the great work and I hope that we can work together soon again. «
Jens Monske | Managing Director, SEHSUCHT GmbH
» Florian is one of these creatives who is able to combine a talent for animation and film, with a beautiful, state of the art feeling for Design. Working with Florian was a pleasure, not only because he has very high standards, is self motivated and proactive, as well as always willing to go the extra mile, but also because he is a very nice person to have around. «
Fabian Roser | Managing Director and Creative at DDB
» Okay, Florian might appear as a young gun compared to other directors, but therefor he comes with even fresher designs and more brilliant ideas. No matter if it's concept- or styleframe-design, a classical motion graphics spot or a stop trick animation - Florian takes every challenge. «
Henrik von Müller | Executive Producer, WOODBLOCK GmbH & Co. KG
» Working with Florian could not be better. He reliably delivers great creative input, thinks ideas through logically and consistently and quickly finds fresh visual approaches. Stylistically he offers a great deal of diversity, and one thing he always is, is: fresh. «
Daniel Fraass | Director, Animationsfabrik GmbH