ZDF Olympia
Feuer und Flamme

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ZDF Marketing – Commissioned by Animationsfabrik GmbH


Art Direction, Design, Animatic


Visualisation of an On-Air-Design for the German television broadcaster ZDF. Several scenarios concerning the Winter Olympic Games had to be realized to form the basis for a simulation of an animation.


First I chose relevant settings out of a given storyboard (by ZDF). On that basis I generated style frames. During the designing it was important to me that the visualisation of fire was consistent since it had to work as a key visual in the On-Air-Design.
The flames had to appear realistic but non-threatening at the same time. To make the work remarkable I added graphic elements like particles and strokes, which made the fire even more vibrant and vigorous within the given design of ZDF. The surrounding had to fit the corporate design as well and therefore I mostly used light blue and white colours which contrasted well to the fire flames.


Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects,
Cinema 4D


Swiss 721 BT Black Italic, Swiss 721 BT Italic