Fairy Tale
Wie Köpenick zu seinem Namen kam

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University of Applied Sciences Potsdam


Concept development, Direction, Design, Animation


Projecting, conceptualising and implementing of a complex topic. That topic could largely be chosen autonomously. Eventually it became a visualisation of the naming of the district „Köpenick“ in Berlin.


My research and templates were based on books of old tales and stories of Berlin. To visualise the historic environment I used illustrated pictures from an encyclopedia. They were scanned first and then cut clear. Next I coloured all elements and combined them to create a fantasy world.
I arranged and animated the material using After Effects. Through the use of interesting transitions and sparse cuts I achieved visual coherence. That way I was able to create an entertaining as well as educational info-graphical film.


Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects


Lucida Blackletter Regular