Volkswagen AG

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Volkswagen USA – Commissioned by Omstudios, Produced by United Visions


Design, Animatics, Modeling


The development of an impressive introductory film and a welcome screen for the opening ceremony of the first Volkswagen production hall in Chattanooga, Tennessee (USA). The usage of “kukas” (robotic arms) as a symbol of modern production plants as well as the usage of the company colors, blue and white were obligatory.


Instead of simply including the basic shapes of “kukas” in the visuals, I enhanced these elements by using camera lenses, rotors and small roving gripping arms to give them a more futuristic look. The strong focus on depth of field, as well as lighting effects resulted in the templates being ideal for later use by the 3D-artists.


Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects,
Cinema 4D


VW Headline Bold, VW Headline Book