Volkswagen AG

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Volkswagen AG Germany –
Commissioned by Animationsfabrik Hamburg, Produced by Markenfilm Crossing GmbH


Art Direction, Design, Conception – Motion Graphics


Development of a new look for the trade fair film of the current Volkswagen model „Up!“. The film was shown in various formats (16:4 and HD) at the IAA in Frankfurt as well as online and on TV.


I created style frames to give my client and a team of 3Dartists a better understanding of the projects‘ visuals. Eventually those style frames served as templates for the work of the animators. I additionally created various short animatics in order to illustrate exactly the type of motion displayed by the individual visual elements (e.g. lines, transitions etc.).
Finally, the integration of accompanying lines adds another level to the film. On the one hand they visualise the car‘s dynamic quality, and on the other hand they illustrate the use of it‘s navigation system and the rockfall protection system.


Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects,
Cinema 4D


VW Headline Bold, VW Headline Semibold