Volkswagen – T-ROC

Mercedes-Benz AG – Motorsports/AMG

easyCredit – Einfach. Fair.

VELT – Illustration

Adidas AG – Innovation LAB

Mercedes-Benz AG – Fashion Week

Mercedes-Benz AG – She is Mercedes/Fashion Week

Volkswagen AG – Cross Polo

Telekom AG – Joyn

Style Frames
Various clients

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Various clients


Look Development, Design, Animation


To develop and visualize animation concepts by means of style frames.


By means of style frames, I visualized animation ideas for a number of clients. The projects varied in terms of the technical approaches, design styles and in their intended use. Additionally, I was sometimes involved very early on in the conceptualization stage and documented the sequencing and behaviour of individual elements in the “director’s interpretation” texts. In this manner I have developed design concepts for ads, micro-sites, virals, fairs and corporate films for customers such as Telekom, Audi, Smart, Bugatti, Porsche and RWE along with many others.
For some projects I also animated short 2D and 3D clips in order to clarify and illustrate the concept using moving images.


Photoshop, Illustrator