Massive Music
Sonic Branding

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MassiveMusic Amsterdam –
Produced by PostPanic


Concept development, Direction, Design, Animation


Development of an easily accessible imagery with voiceover in order to entertainingly illustrate to the customer the complex topic of „audio branding“.


As a first step I created a homogeneous visual style within which I could easily and excitingly present all components of the voice-over. Next I linked the necessary pieces of information with various humorous associations in order to capture the viewer‘s interest.
I enhanced the impact by avoiding cuts and by introducing surprising and interesting scene changes. Using a reduced palette (MassiveMusic Corporate Design) in combination with primarily two-dimensional animation and interesting transitions I succeeded in conceptualising and animating a graphical information film.


Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects,
Cinema 4D


Neue Helvetica Regular, Neue Helvetica Bold