Concept 01 – Horizontal Screens:

Concept 01 – Vertical Screens:

Concept 01 – Montage:

Exhibition Space:

Concept 02 – Horizontal Screens:

Concept 02 – Montage:

Concept 03 – Montage:

Poster designs (experiment):

Concept 04 – Montage:

IFA Berlin 2014

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Panasonic Europe Ltd.
Commissioned by
Tamschick Media & Space GmbH


Visual concept development, design, art direction and animation


To develop an animated layout, for Panasonic, for integrating typographic and film content for use at the ifa 2014 in Berlin.


Firstly, I drafted three different design concepts for Panasonic for this year’s trade fair stand. In doing so the significantly rectangular format of the two projection screens, with an aspect ratio of 21:1, posed a particular challenge. The aim was to integrate Panasonic’s different corporate divisions and range of products into the animated layout using pre-existing film material and key words on the two screens. These screens surrounded the exhibition area at a height of 4m.
The key to the final concept was to form one complete area out of interlaced individual zones. Through movement and the rotation of the individual zones, interplay between reflection, light and shadow was created, out of which new zones continuously emerge.
In addition to the rather dark blue graphic image consisting of interlaced individual zones, I developed the concept further by adding thematic graphics and coloured accents. This gave the dense background a more fragile counterpart and creates an intriguing contrast.
Thirty-four 4k projectors were used for the 84×2 meter (20800px x 1000px) large, 5:50 minute long projection.


Illustrator, Photoshop, Cinema 4D, After Effects


DIN Alternate