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Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology
Ting. Teknologi. Demokrati.

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Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology, Oslo – Commissioned by Tamschick Media + Space GmbH for Ralph Appelbaum Associates


3D Animation, Motion Design


The animation of a two minute film-concept for an interactive exhibition at a Norwegian museum of technology. The aim of the exhibition was to highlight both the positive and negative effects that developments in technology have had on social and environmental issues.


Based on some initial design concepts, I was asked to animate a film focusing on the topic of 3D printers. The aim was to visualize the diverse ways in which items produced by such a machine can be used, whilst also highlighting their short lifespan. The different objects grow and evolve, move around and interact with each other. Towards the end of the film, they go through a surreal transition, or rather a regression, dissolving into different substances. For example, a handgun liquefies, a mobile phone becomes soft cloth and a truck turns to jelly.
The screen on which the film was shown was also quite spectacular. It measured 25m in length and 5m in height, forming a semi-circle around the visitors.
To allow for this significant curvature, I used special 180° camera software. This facilitated a realistic depiction of the distortion of the image.


Cinema 4D, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator