Nike Hypervenom: Selected designs

Nike Hypervenom: Type Montage

Nike Hypervenom: Material Montage

Nike Hypervenom: Player Montage

Nike Hypervenom: Montage

Nike Hypervenom: Projections

Nike Hypervenom: Light tests

Nike Hypervenom: Montage


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Concept design development, design and creative direction – DOP: Melanie Spintig


To develop a design for various print products and projections for an event.


The design structures and patterns which form the basis for this concept were inspired by the stud patterns left on football fields by players’ shoeprints. I then combined the stud patterns with typography, photos of players and their surroundings with other textures. The material of the shoe-upper was also used as a design element, as it also features a homogeneous structure.
The distinctive yellow of the shoe and its various grey tones inspired my design’s reduced colour palette. This selective use of colour gives the concept a very striking and graphic character.
Last but not least I carried out some projection tests to see how the digital designs worked in their intended environment and how they interacted with their subsurface.


Cinema 4D, Photoshop, Illustrator, Panasonic DZ 6700E, Canon 5D Mark II


Trade Gothic Bold Condensed