Stills from the Opener “Kultur” (Culture)

Stills from the opener “Technik & Mobilität” (Technology & Mobility)

In the studio whilst filming the opener for „Technik & Mobilität“ (Technology & Mobility).

Stills from the opener “Gesellschaft” (Society)

In the studio whilst filming the opener “Society”.

Stills from the opener “Body & Soul”

To realise the individual scenes, a lot of craftsmanship was required. Almost all the constituent parts were made by hand.

Stills from the second (not used) opener “Body & Soul”

Second opener (not used) “Body & Soul”

Stills of the unused shots for the themes Culture, Body & Soul and Technology & Mobility.

A compilation of outtakes from the final but unused shots for the themes Culture, Body & Soul and Technology & Mobility.

Collection of Materials

Stills of the On-Air-Design / Filmed by Morten Qvale

Stills (collage) of the On-Air-Design

Client: NDR – Norddeutscher Rundfunk / Zentrale Herstellungsplanung Fernsehen
Executive Producer: Yvonne Olberding, Christine Gerberding
Project Management: Maryam Bonakdar, Dorothee von Winning
Account Executive: Nora Wehrhahn
Direction & Production: Florian Stumpe, Melanie Spintig
Music & Sound Design: Michael Fakesch


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NDR – Norddeutscher Rundfunk


Concept, Direction & Production
(With Melanie Spintig)
Music & Sound Design by Michael Fakesch


For the brand new show „Zeitsprung“ of the NDR (North German Broadcasting Service’s) we created an entire on-air-design package.


The topics of the show are diverse and have been divided into four categories: Culture, Body & Soul, Technology & Mobility and Society. The design focus was on the openers of the show. To introduce more variety and dynamism to the structure of the broadcast, we decided not to just produce one opener, but instead to dedicate an individual opener to each of the key topics.
In order to present the topic “Future” in a contemporary and tangible way – not resorting to classic visualizations of the future using complexity through info-graphics and wireframes – we wanted to generate an opener using analogue materials.
An experiment was the key concept. What is needed, in order to create something new? The unusual experiments are intended to help us discover something new and to aesthetically capture the process.


Canon 5D Mark II, After Effects


NDR Sans