Melitta Selection of the Year: Montage

Melitta Selection of the Year – Coffee Beans

Melitta Selection of the Year: Style Frames

Melitta Selection of the Year: Making-of

Selection of the Year

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Melitta Europa GmbH & Co. KG
Commissioned by Parasol Island GmbH
for BBDO Group Germany GmbH


Direction, Art Direction, Illustration and Design


Director´s interpretation and design development for an animated web film.


Based on the agency’s briefing on the topic “Melitta Coffee and Tanzania – Best of Year “, I developed a design and animation concept. The basis for this was a chalkboard, combined with chalk drawings. I then developed this idea further for the moving images. In addition to the chalk illustrations, I added further levels to the images, through the addition of real objects, such as postcards, photos and leaves, along with coffee beans which, as part of the animation, moved around to form different objects such as trees or a sun. The different fields don’t just move around in an isolated way, but interact with each other and in doing so create a lively and harmonious “Melitta-World”.
Further to the objects already on the chalkboard, additional new and surprising elements are incorporated into the scenes. Animals, people and plants are drawn in sporadically in different spots and are then rubbed away again. In this way a lively stage set is created.
The animation was principally done digitally in 2D/3D and is in parts complimented with real-life stop-motion recordings.


Chalk, Photoshop, Canon 5D, Printer


Grand Hotel