Massive Music
Intro Sequence

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MassiveMusic Amsterdam –
Produced by PostPanic


Concept development, Direction, Design, Animation


To create and animate a short intro sequence for MassiveMusic’s (a producer of music for advertising) new showreel. Only the colour scheme (orange and grey) and the maximum length of the clip (20 seconds) were predefined.


The basic concept revolved around music playback devices from the past. We move from record-players, to cassettes, to headphones and to speakers. These were then accentuated by dynamic and interesting transitions. At the end the wavy company logo emerges. I wanted the concept to remain very eye-catching and bold and chose a vector-based design without gradients and 3D elements.
After completing the animation I added some flaws to the pictures, i.e. image displacements and TV interference, in order to give the sleek design of the objects a naive and blemished character – thereby reflecting MassiveMusic’s young and adventuresome character.


After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop


Helvetica Neue Regular, Helvetica Neue Bold