Interfilm Berlin GmbH
Shortfilm Festival 2011

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Interfilm Berlin Management GmbH


Concept development, Direction, Design, Animation, Edit


Development of a gripping opener for the 27th International Short Film Festival Berlin with the aim to introduce film makers to its various contests and encourage them to submit their films. An additional goal was to advertise the film festival to the public.


The concept is based on the historical use of analogue machines to animate titles. Those have been somewhat copied into the digital space. With help of two dimensional graphics they visualise the different categories of the festival and its competition. Using old illustrated books and visiting a Museum of Technology I got used to the topic first. Then I modelled the chosen methods into 3D and furthermore animated them.
To add a level I integrated two-dimensioned, graphic as well as typographic elements. Thereby I created an additional contrast to the three-dimensional surrounding.


Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects,
Cinema 4D


Trade Gothic Bold, Typestar Black