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Beiersdorf AG / Hansaplast -
Produced by Infected Postproduktion GmbH


Concept development, Direction, Design


Development of a graphic concept concerning the topic „myths“ for a series of info graphic films for the German company Hansaplast. The clients wished the concept to be developed on designs used on advertising posters in the 60s.


At the beginning I created some drafts using elements of designs found on historical advertisement posters. Thereby I connected the topics „myths“ and „antique design“. The results didn‘t seem to fit the Hansaplast brand. That‘s why I created the „Hansaplast-World“ using CD-colours, retro elements but also crop marks, package leaflets, typography and other elements concerning products by Hansaplast. I combined all these elements in a collage-like „myth book“ which served as the surrounding for the later animations.
The transitions are highly diverse and surprising. Not only 2D but also 3D animations have been realized that way.


Photoshop, Illustrator


Trade Gothic Bold