Evidence Pt. 01 – Concept 01

Evidence Pt. 01 – Concept 02

Evidence Pt. 01 – Concept 02 / Variation

Evidence Pt. 01 – Concept 03

Evidence Pt. 01 – Sketch

Evidence Pt. 01 – C4D
Pt. 01

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Personal Project


Concept development, Art Direction, Design


Presentation of a topic of my own choice for an exhibition in Berlin. The invited designers and artists presented their work to the public within a group exhibition.


This work focuses on a combination of various elements which have been arranged like a theater stage reminiscent of the kind of formations used by circus artists. I created two dimensional, black and white objects concerning these elements. Afterwards I created a third dimension. In each of the three illustrations I integrated one or two elements that visualise speed and thereby confuses the viewer.
At the end I had designed 3 scenarios which were very diverse in coloring, arrangement and atmosphere. These scenarios were produced as FineArt-Prints of a width exceeding 200 cm that has been laminated on Aludibond and presented behind perspex.


Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects,
Cinema 4D


Capitals Regular