Dussmann GmbH

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Dussmann Service Deutschland GmbH – Produced by Infected Postproduction GmbH


Concept Development, Art Direction, Design


The development, design and animation of a host of information films concerning Dussmann GmbH and their diverse fields of work.


At the start of the design process the first step was to select a harmonious color palette, which would then form the basis for all objects in later scenes and which would also, from a color perspective, provide some coherence. The concept was to be light and friendly and the CD-colors were not to be used too prominently. I accented just a few specially selected elements using the main Dussmann GmbH colors, red and white.

Additionally, I wanted to give the entire film a touch of naivety and simplicity to reduce the perfection and rigid graphical composition. For this reason I used subtle textures for all of the elements. The main topic for this design concept was the company’s environmental protection policies, whereby all of the shopping bags at the Dussmann GmbH department store “Kulturkaufhaus” in Berlin are made from recycled PET bottles.


Photoshop, Illustrator


Univers Compressed Thin