BMW M6 – Collage M6

BMW M6 – Split Screen

BMW M6 – Stage View

BMW M6 – Texture Animation

BMW M6 – Collage Textures

BMW M6 – Studio Setup

BMW M6 – Outtakes

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Commissioned by Omstudios OhG for Wolf Production GmbH and Meiré Meiré GmbH


Direction (Live Action, Animation & Edit)
Together with Melanie Spintig


To develop a concept and produce a 30 second opening sequence for new BMW M6’s presentation.


The underlying idea was based on a very artificial and abstract design approach, therefore differentiating itself from the direction taken so far in the M-presentations. In addition to the key messages such as power and speed, the M’s character was also to be illustrated.
In doing this we used a completely new approach and instead of using typical digital 2D and 3D animation, we wanted to exclusively use analogue recordings thereby reflecting “authenticity” and “street-credibility”. To do this we used two fundamental components as a basis. Firstly, the M6 itself was to be put in the limelight in a new and experimental way, using light, movement and materials. Secondly, we wanted to present the M6’s personality by use of vibrating objects and materials including metal grilles, sheet metal, fibres, gravel and liquids as wells as many others.
This mixture created a surreal series of shots, which never shows the M6 in its entirety but makes it palpable and brings it to life for the viewer. Due to the high level of abstraction, it was to have the effect on the viewer of being mysterious, puzzling and also slightly provocative.
One particular challenge was to split the sections at the end, across the three screens, and to completely re-arrange them with the music.


RED Epic Dragon, Canon 5D Mark II, After Effects


BMW Global Pro