BMW M – Style Frame

BMW M – Style Board

BMW M – SHOW – Stills

BMW M – Freeze Moment – M3

BMW M – Freeze Moment – Stills

BMW M – Photo loop / End of the show

BMW M – 1st Animatic

BMW M Show

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Commissioned by Omstudios OhG
For Wolf Production GmbH and Meiré Meiré


Look Development, Design, Art Direction, Animatic


To develop a design and an animation concept presenting the new BMW M-series at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt, Germany.


The basic concept behind the design and the animation was to do away with any playful or superfluous elements – just like the BMW M-series has done. Its priority isn’t to be luxurious, comfortable and elegant nor to create allure with all kinds of accessories. But rather to concentrate on the essentials: its unbridled power on the road. Its home is the world of motor sport – the racing track – that is where it can compete and unleash its power.
That is why I predominantly used analogue elements for the design, such as metallic grilles, corrugated sheet metal and perforated card, together with other materials. Put together, all the elements form a collage, and by activating and deactivating different levels, the collage changes continuously and suddenly, creating completely new images within seconds.
Everything is intended to look cut and raw. The colouring of the car presentation is principally red which is then complemented by dark and light blue. This colour scheme is based on the 3 colours used in the M’s logo.
The presentation field consisted of three different sized LED screens and had a total resolution of 7052 x 1368 pixels. Connecting these three screens from a content and design perspective to display one large image but then also three different images, was quite a challenge.


Photoshop, After Effects, Cinema 4D, Canon 5D Mark II


BMW Global Pro