BMW M – Concept 01 – Power Visualization

BMW M – Concept 02 – Lines

BMW M – Concept 03 – Points

BMW X1 – Details

BMW X1 – Details

BMW X1 – Screen View

BMW X1 – Screen View – Clean

BMW X1 – Transition
IAA 2015 Pitch

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Commissioned by Omstudios OHG


Look development, Design


To develop a design and an animation concept presenting the new BMW X1 and BMW M-model.


There were primarily two aspects to my task. Firstly, an artistic framework for presenting the new BMW X1 and BMW M-series needed to be developed and in parallel an animation concept was to be created.
The design approaches were as different as the models themselves. For the BMW X1 I worked in a very two-dimensional way, only using the “X” shape in 3D. By adding more and more “X”s and by varying their positioning, angle and scale, new shapes were continuously created. By using a range of digital light sources, an interesting interplay between lit and shadowed areas has been achieved thus broadening the design. Furthermore, I was able to use some of the resulting layers as masks for integrating the images with the film. This technique was also used for generating smooth transitions between the individual layouts.
The elements were significantly more intricate for the M-series because there I wanted to illustrate its energy and power using the letter “M” – all the shapes and colours were to be derived from the power of the engine, interactively illustrating it. In doing this I used the colour red with light and dark blue, just as they appear in the M’s logo. The other components, like the numbers on the countdown and the integration of photos and film clips, are also hidden and then revealed again by the movement of the vibrating dots and lines.


Cinema 4D, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator


BMW Global Pro