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BASE/E-Plus Service GmbH (Telefónica) – Produced by INFECTED Postproduction GmbH


Concept development, Art Direction, Design


Concept and design of style frames for several animated commercials for a German telephone provider (BASE).


On the basis of a live action-concept I developed an alternative CG-option. Using several relevant scenes I created general properties. I focussed on the opening of the BASE-Box and the content that was about to jump and fly out of that box. The content that had to be visualised were mundane „things“ like Venice, the moon or the love to your pet. The topic related surrounding had to be clear in design and thereby not too realistic but illustrative.
It was important to me to communicate the movement and intensity right from the beginning. I used the CD-colours of BASE and added some elements in shades of grey.


Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects,
Cinema 4D


Neue Helvetica Bold