Audi AG
Endurance Experience

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Audi France –
Produced by Vingt3


Design, Animation, Tracking


Designing suitable info-graphical elements for both a seven minute documentation and about an Audi-A1 race and about a safe driving training hosted by Audi AG at the „Circuit Paul Ricard HTTT“ in the south of France. They were subsequently tracked, animated and integrated into the live action shot.


With this work the correct perspective of the graphical elements within the takes was paramount. To achieve this I used the software „boujou“ for tracking the dolly shots. That way I could mark all points within the frames with various tags to be used in compositing the typography.
Before that all 2D/3D-content (e.g. diagrams and descriptions) had been designed in Photoshop according to the clients specifications. It was important to not simply convey information but also to create added value through graphic design which was animated using After Effects once the client gave their approval.


Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Boujou


Audi Type Extended Normal, Audi Type Extended Bold