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TNT Serie
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Produced by Turner Network Television (TNT), Commissioned by Wiedemann & Berg Television


Concept development, Direction, Design


Development of a suitable title design for the first German TV-Series of the Pay-TV channel TNT (Turner Network Channel).


A distinguishing feature of my concept was its distinctive texture, which made an almost palpable story. I used watercolours and handmade paper to create several unique style frames. That way the trailer was analog in appearance, contrasting the digital nature of the series. This makes the trailer very different from the majority of similar TV series, and also gives it a young and casual appearance.
Transitions within the various scenes were deliberately fast, fluid and avoided abrupt cuts. This approach lends a sense of vitality to the concept and integrates its elements into a coherent entity. The green palette is reminiscent of the main atmosphere inside the series and creates a link between the viewer and the series‘ topic right from the beginning.


Photoshop, Illustrator


LinotypeUnivers Compressed Medium